Target workplace wellbeing at a more personalised level

Our coaching services allow your employees to ask specific questions about their well-being, receive guidance on making sustainable health changes and obtain support to overcome personal or work barriers. We can conduct confidential workplace wellbeing consultations through one-on-one sessions, onsite, over the phone or video conference, and follow up via email and text or a combination of all.

Services include:

  • Health Coaching – We offer ‘one on one’ coaching for employees by phone, email or in person. Our qualified health coaches enable physical and lifestyle health improvements and tailor health programs aligned with the employee’s goal and health status.
  • Health & Lifestyle Consultations – Practitioners make recommendations for an individual’s fitness regime, nutrition, stress resilience and health/lifestyle behaviour, suggesting any changes that may be required.
  • Nutrition & Diet Consultations – Our nutrition expert provides individuals with information and advice regarding their current health, diet, lifestyle issues.
  • Exercise Prescription – A consultation with our fitness expert will provide staff with information, motivation and advice regarding their overall health and fitness.
  • Bone Density Screening - The Bone Density Test is conducted by a Quantitative Ultrasound technique at the heel of one foot to assess risk of fracture caused by osteoporosis. Ultrasound bone testing can identify low bone mass before a fracture occurs and is equally beneficial for males and females.
  • Reflexology – Working the reflex points in the foot and sometimes the hand encourages benefits in other parts of the body or improves general health. Restore relaxation and balance and relieve symptoms ranging from stress and anxiety, back and neck pain to migraines.
  • Iridology – A holistic therapy, this consultation ‘reads’ the iris using a magnifying glass to deliver insights into an individuals’ overall body composition, energy levels and digestive function.
  • Vision Testing – Our Optometrist conducts a full eye health examination and visual acuity check using a Basic Vision Chart.
  • Audiometry Testing – Employees receive a quick 10-minute assessment of their hearing. This includes a personalised letter explaining results and any significant changes in hearing loss.
  • Postural Assessment – A 10-minute assessment conducted by a qualified practitioner to measure an employees’ level of core strength and flexibility using a pressure biofeedback device and the ‘sit and reach’ technique. Employees will be advised on postural awareness and given techniques for engaging their core muscles for optimal back care at work.