Create a mentally healthy work environment

Mental Health in the workplace is a critical issue. With as many as 1 in 6 Australians experiencing a mental illness*, the aggregate cost is enormous, not only to individuals and those closest to them but also to businesses. Ensure your employees feel mentally supported, safe and valued.

We tailor mental health programs to suit your business needs and workplace culture for optimal results – including increased performance, morale and engagement and decreased absenteeism, presenteeism, compensation claims and staff turnover.

All our mental health programs are supported by a range of related services eg. videos, seminars and challenges. 

*PwC Pricewaterhouse Coopers Australia. Creating a mentally healthy workplace. Return on investment analysis 2014. Available from


Stress can be healthy, but prolonged high levels can have the opposite effect. Our products and services help staff recognise the signs and simple yet effective personal tools for stress management. Our programs include:

  • Thrive – A Seminar, Booklet and Awareness Pack to assist with stress management.
  • Believe, Achieve, Succeed – Learn to cope with change with a range of services, including a Seminar, Booklet, Awareness Pack, 4-Week Behavioural Challenge and an Annual Poster Series.

Resilience is not a rare ability; it is found in every individual and it can be learned and developed by virtually anyone. Our programs include:

  • Bounce Back and Beyond: Building Resilience Seminar, Booklet, Awareness Pack,Educational Posters
  • Mastering Resilience: The Essence of Resilience – Seminar, Booklet, Awareness Pack, 4-week behavioural challenge

Lead the way by being the kind of leader you would follow. Our programs include:

  • Leading Mental Health – A Framework for Australian Leaders: CLICK HERE for details about our 4-hour Workshop.

  • Effective Team Building & Coping with Change: 1 & 2-hour Workshops
  • Strength in Numbers: 4-week Team Building Workshop


Encourage your employees to take a proactive approach to mental health.

Programs include:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace How to build a mentally healthy workplace, focusing on building awareness and the skills to respond to, understand and assist colleagues, family & friends with mental health issues. 1 & 2-hour Workshops

A lack of sleep can affect every aspect of your health, especially your mental health. Our programs include:

  • Sleep Well & Fight Fatigue – Seminar, Booklets, Awareness Pack, Educational Posters, Video
  • Sleep & Fatigue for Shift Workers Seminar Booklet, Awareness Pack, Video

Train your employees to be present in each moment. Improve focus, attention, productivity and awareness of themselves and others. Our programs include:

  • Mindfulness – 4-Week Course, 1-hour Workshop, 45 min Classes, Booklet, Awareness Pack, USB Guided Meditations (audio)

Maintaining work life balance is not only important for your personal health and relationships, but it can also improve the efficiency of your work performance. Our programs include:

  • Fit4Work / Healthy4Life Seminar, Booklet, Awareness Pack, 4-Week Behavioural Challenge, Educational Posters