R U OK? is a national day of action, where we are reminded to check in with the people around us and start meaningful conversations that could change someone's life. Whether you are looking to open up conversations about mental health in your workplace or provide support for individuals, this module includes plenty of resources and a live webinar to support your workplace's mental wellbeing.  

Check out what’s on:

  • A live webinar on improving mental health conversations in the workplace with wellbeing and leadership coach Sandene Chetwynd.
  • A challenge designed to create a supportive and open workplace. 
  • An information flyer that highlights the five critical features of a high-quality wellbeing conversation. 
  • A video with a psychologist that demonstrates how to approach colleagues with empathy and understanding.

The module can quickly and easily be added to your Healthy Body & Mind Hub. 

To find out more about how you can help support your employees as they continue to navigate working from home, please call us on 1300 245 203 or submit an enquiry.

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To help you support your workforce's health and wellbeing, download our complimentary information flyer.