Our Women's Health Module features a LIVE webinar on International Women’s Day and is packed with a great range of resources including a challenge, a delicious recipe and a quiz.

Developed in partnership with Dr Kirsty Seward, a qualified Doctor of Behavioural Science, Accredited Dietician, and Nutritionist; the Module provides evidence-based resources to help women transform their mindset around body image, nutrition, and self-care and build sustainable health-promoting behaviours to reach their goals. 

The module is a holistic guide to women’s health, which includes resources on:

  • How to support hormonal health at every life stage.
  • How to find your happy weight and build balanced snacks and meals.
  • Why not knowing your purpose may impact your health and how to find yours.
  • The impact of stress on the body and the importance of self-care.

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In celebration of women's health, we are giving away a complimentary health information flyer on Women's Health and Happiness to share with your team.